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Caffeinated Web Design creates unique and custom website designs for people who demand originality. Along with excellent customer service, and comprehensive technical expertise, are many years of web development and Internet applications experience. Hire your own personal web specialist today, and get your site on the web.


To create an excellent, informative, and effective Internet presence for individuals and small businesses that is aesthetically pleasing, navigationally intuitive, and cost effective.

Mood Altering

Why hire a corporate machine when you can have your own personal web developer? Choosing Caffeinated Web Design is like having coffee with a friend. Energetic ideas, blended with rich technical expertise, flavored with artistic vision, and delivered with personal service, are what we bring to your table. All you bring is yourself.


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Here at Caffeinated Web Design we believe that quality comes not only from skilled technical expertise and gifted creative minds, but also from a commitment to service and the development of a dedicated relationship with the customer. This kind of diversity in skills and values defines us as a company. We are committed to originality, variety, innovation, and service.


We take you, the customer, very seriously. Thus, we believe that the pricing below accurately reflects the quality of our work on every level and our belief in web design as an investment. Whether you are an artist, writer, or designer looking to host a virtual portfolio or a small business or organization with specific educational, marketing, or goals of service; we are confident that our thoughtful, creative, and informed design will meet your needs for years to come.

Things to Remember

If you feel overwhelmed by the terminology or confused by the specifics, or perhaps you're just beginning your search for the perfect designer, then you may benefit from the information below.

Page: This term refers to a collection of information presented in a visual format that you can scroll to read if the content is not all visible on your computer screen. Pages on a website are organized by topic, and generally are accessed by clicking a link. A page on the web that is well designed, will have organized content that makes sense together, and will present it in manageable amounts to the reader.

Expansion: In the future, you can expand your website on a page by page, graphic by graphic, or application by application basis after you've purchased your initial site just like you can expand your house! The cost for expansion will still reflect the quality of work being done, however, it will not be near as costly as your initial site.

Web Applications: This term applies to almost any functional component of the website that is not basic text or images. For example, a shopping cart system, a slide-show gallery, or a personal forum would all be considered "Web Applications" on some level. Some are more complex and complicated to set-up and others are fairly simple. If you are interested in self-maintaining a more complex application, we will give you a custom quote. If you want to purchase a "plug and play"appication, it will be coordinated into your website. We will work with you to find and apply the best options for your page.

Design Tier

Starter Package $500-1000

This basic design package starts with a customized single style web site. Your site may have up to three content pages as long as they fit within the unified design of the web site. Your website may also have one web application, such as a events calendar or slideshow. Here's what you get:

  • Up to three pages featuring the content that you submit
  • A professionally and artistically designed efficient web page layout
  • Graphics. package one
  • One web application
  • Personal domain name
  • Hosting for 1 year
  • Excellent one on one service
Advanced Package $1000-2500

This design package includes everything listed above, but more space for your content and a more options for customization. You can choose between a unified design or a more complicated 'every page for itself' type of design where each page's formatting and aesthetics differ from the foundational home page. Here's what you get:

  • Up to twelve pages featuring the content of your choice
  • A professionally and artistically designed efficient web page layout
  • Beautiful, high quality, originally created graphics. package two
  • Up to three web applications or one advanced web application.
  • Personal domain name
  • Hosting for 1 year
  • Excellent one on one service
Comprehensive Package $2500+

This design package includes everything from the Advanced level, but even more space for your content, ideas, and nearly unlimited options for customization and variety. You're paying for more time, which means you'll receive a highly original web site - an excellent investment for small businesses and professional portfolio page. Here's what you get:

  • Twelve or more pages featuring the content of your choice
  • A professionally and artistically designed efficient web page layout
  • Gorgeous custom graphics and visual compositions, high-quality images; work made "just for you." package three
  • Web Applications - basic or advanced - of your choice.
  • The maximum amount of design freedom.
  • Personal domain name
  • Hosting for 1 year
  • Excellent one on one service

Image Packages

This package is designed to give you the most flexibility in the most affordable fashion possible while still upholding our standards of quality. We will work with up to five high quality stock photography/clip-art images. IN addition, we will accept your own images if they are sent to us in .JPG, .BMP, .PNG or .GIF files and if they are formatted to the appropriate predetermined size.

This package gives the customer a bit more freedom. In addition to the stock photography and clip-art options above, we will commit to customizing all your self-submitted graphics in the form of image resizing or cropping. In addition, we will provide custom backgrounds and site accessories (such as graphic lines and buttons). You will also get one to two custom banner/logo type images for your website.

This package is designed to give you the most originality and beauty. Of all our packages, this is the only one that is fully customized by your designers. We may use stock photography or clip-art when appropriate, but all graphics will be hand selected, edited, or created specifically for your website with perfection in mind. We also encourage our customers with this package to send us their own images - whether they are destined for the website or simply an example of their aesthetic profile.


© Copyright 2008, Caffeinated Web Design

Welcome to our portfolio! Here you can find examples of our creativity. As technology changes and grows, so do we, so if you do not see what you're looking for here, do not hesitate to give us a call to talk it over. Our abilities extend well beyond what you see here. From customization of templates to original designs, we build all our sites to our client's specifications. Feel free to contact any of them for a recommendation.

Boathouse Lake Cottage

BoathouseThumb (51K)

Vactaion rental home in SE Wisconsin that uses a Perl/CGI calendar application for vacancies. This site places in the top 5 on Google. It incorporates cutting edge SEO strategies, and modern CSS for presentation and navigation.


Relics-Thumb (63K)
Forum-Thumb (62K)
World Of Warcraft Guild

This site is a Joomla/SMF Content Management System which incorporates a forum and a main site, where members contribute content. The site uses a template modified by us, and some of the graphics from the Blizzard fan site package. The customized graphics are created by Caffeinated Web Design artists.

Waukesha County
Genealogical Society

WCGS-Thumb (43K)

This site that we created is now maintained by the Society. We donated our services to create this site in accordance with our policy for non-profit groups.

Sandy Shores

SandyShores-Thumb (85K)

Sandy Shores is an executive vaction rental home, managed by Hiller's Pine Haven in Northern Wisconsin. This is a one page site with CSS and a Flash Web Application slide show.

Hiller's Pine Haven

HillersHomeThumb (93K)

Hiller's Pine Haven is a northern Wisconsin resort that offers numerous cabins, a beach, and boat rentals. This is a large site with perl applications, CGI and java script. Created in the late 90s, it has expanded over time, but little has changed because the resort's visitors like the website very much as it is.

Lost Paradise

This lake cottage is a one page site that advertises vacation rentals in Northern Wisconsin. It has a java script slide show with our usual custom graphics.

Foster's Lakehouse

Foster's Lakehouse is a single page site for a vacation rental in northern Wisconsin. It has a slide show using java script to display. It is for a vacation home managed by Hiller's

Rasch Research

Rasch-Thumb (62K)

This is a simple site and one of our oldest that has remained unchanged for over 10 years. It is the site of a geneaological researcher who advertises her services on the internet. Stressing content in an easily readable way, it has always been productive for this client.

Pagescribbler Blog Site

Pagescribbler is a Joomla Content Management System site made for a philosopher who wishes to publish ideas and writings on the internet. While most content management sites are designed for a team or group, this one is designed like a blog, for a single user.

Plum Lake Station

Plum Lake Station is our newest vacation resort site. An exectutive rental property with a dresage facility and guest home in addition to the main home, is using CSS and java script technology to present multiple virtual pages in a one page file.

Deer Crossing

Deer Crossing is an executive lake home rental property in northern wisconsin. This is a one page site with original graphics, sliced images and custom modified clip art.

BJ's Lakehouse

This lakehome vacation web site is also a single page site, using java script to display a slide show of photographs. It presents our signature style that so many people request... homey and simple with informative content.

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Caffeinated Web Design is a small business serving those who desire a unique and original website design along with excellent customer service, and comprehensive technical expertise. When you do business with Caffeinated Web Design you work with a personal web specialist.

Mission Statement

To create an excellent, informative, and effective Internet presence for individuals and small businesses that is:

  • aesthetically pleasing,
  • navigationally intuitive,
  • and cost effective.

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Defining your purpose

The first step in building a website is defining your purpose. From this, an outline is made that determines navigation and content sections.

Finding your style

Next comes finding your style, from which your palette of colors is chosen. If you have a logo or theme, it can be built from those. If not, a logo or heading may need to be created.

Think Marketing

From the start, we always think marketing. Words are key. They need to reflect your purpose, and be represented in your content. These words are considered "keywords", but they are more than that, they are what will create your viewer's impression of your website. We use all the techniques available to make sure your website is found in the search engines. This is also known as SEO or search engine optimization.

What do you need?

Defining your purpose also determines the applications required. Do you need to generate sales? Would you like to make contact with your viewers by email or web chat? Are you presenting ideas that you want to update regularily? How much change will you make to your site and how often?

Websites are interactive. The possibilites are only limited by creativity. At Caffeinated Web Design, we specialize in innovation.

After the purpose and design elements are decided, the technical aspects are addressed. Just how does a website get onto the web?

Hosts and Servers

To put a website on the web, a computer called a server that is always connected to the internet is used to store your web page files and "serve them up" to any web surfer who requests a view. This is called Web site hosting. All websites need to be hosted somewhere.

Create a Domain Name

Every web page needs a unique ID so that it can be found on the net with no confusion. There are a variety of ways to identify one website from another, but the most common is by using a domain name. This is a unique name reserved for periods of time, and linked to the hosting Server where the web page files reside. A domain name is something like "Yahoo.com" or "University.edu". Before you can reserve a domain name for your website pages, you have to create one that has not already been reserved by someone else.

Caffeinated Web Design can to do all of this for you. From providing a Hosting service to finding and registering your domain name, we provide everything you need to get your website online.

Now your pages are crafted, sent to you for a preview, and then uploaded to your hosting service, given a domain name, and made live for viewing. Your domain name or "web address" is submitted to search sites like Google and yahoo so that others can find your website.

Last but not Least

Last but not least, you pay the piper, Caffeinated Web Design, for building you a dynamic, and expertly crafted website. Since the experience will be so refreshing and pleasant for you, we are confident that you will recommend us to your friends, and come back to us whenever you need updates.

Like a good cup of coffee with a friend, Caffeinated Web Design truly is a mood altering experience!

© Copyright 2008, Caffeinated Web Design